In 1987

Ho-Shun Metal Enterprise Ltd.Co was established, specializing in the production of bathroom equipments, machinery parts, and hardware parts processing. It is committed to provide high-quality service, inspection of pre-delivery, on-time delivery, and quality assurance.

 In 1991

Start to get in touch with the precise component processing market; for example, computer peripheral parts processing (heat sink).

 In 1997

One of the major third-party plants of Japan&qpos;s Fuji Electric Taiwan branch for production of professional motor parts, blower parts, and high-pressure pump parts.

 In 2008

In addition to electronic measuring instruments, cylinder regulation measuring and height regulation, eccentric instrument, the second measuring instrument, we further purchase brown sharpe 7107 optical measuring instrument set to improve the credibility of quality assurance.

 In 2010

Ho-Shun Metal Enterprise Ltd. was certified by ISO 9001: 2008 in 2010. Ho-Shun Metal Enterprise Ltd. provides customers quality products and services. It upholds the respect of customers and service-oriented spirit to provide customers a complete advice and after-sales service, and etc. to implement cost and quality control mechanisms; hence, to position the products with high quality and price competitive to achieve the win-win co-operation opportunities.